HILAL NUTRITION (PVT) LTD has been established with a vision of producing egg that are hygienically produced and more importantly free from all contaminants by using high quality poultry feed made from best available ingredients absolutely free from non-healthy and injurious raw materials. It is also worth mentioning here that HILAL NUTRITION’S eggs are produced in controlled environment facility setup at Gharo District Thatta, on the in most scientific manner under the supervision of qualified veterinarians and technical staff to ensure quality at all levels.

Additionally, company does plan to expand its product range, soon, by adding Chilled, Frozen and Ready to cook chicken products. For which a state of the art, world class modern slaughtering facility has been setup at Super Highway (near Karachi).

For us the guiding principles are, consumer Health: We firmly believe in providing premium goods to our consumers as they are our top priority.

Our motto is to promote health and wellness. At APPLE farms, we keep a strict check on hygiene with the help of our skilled infield farmers.

  • At Appie Farms, we nourish our own chicken breeds. When chicks are 20 weeks old, they join fellow breeder hens and roosters on the farm to produce fertilized eggs (not table eggs).
  • Eggs are collected and delivered to our hatcheries where they are incubated and hatched into chickens raised for meat.
  • The chicks are moved to our own supervised farms. Where they live in barns equipped with advanced ventilation and heating systems and are able to freely room and eat in comfort, under the care of a full-time veterinarian.
  • Now, families can feel confident, that they are consuming a safe and quality product that is truly fresh and natural.
  • Our chickens are daily distributed in our own vehicles. So that the freshness and quality assurance is ensured to our consumers.
  • Once the desired weight is achieved in 7-9 weeks, we move the chickens to our own abattoir where chickens are carefully inspected, slaughtered halal by hand and Takbir, After thorough washing, chilling, packing and dispatching.